Day: January 31, 2022

Budweiser teases Clydesdales, dog in new Super Bowl ad

Days after teasing its return to the Super Bowl, Budweiser on Monday debuted another teaser video of its entry into this year’s ad mix.  In the latest video shared to its social media channels, a yellow Labrador retriever gallops in slow motion in the same field where a Clydesdale was shown galloping in a clip released

Customs dogs sniff out NT$330m in illegal narcotics

TRICKS: Some smugglers have tried spraying cargo with the smell of wolves to scare sniffer dogs, but it only made them act abnormally, customs said The Customs Administration’s canine division last year helped customs officers intercept 758kg of illegal drugs, which were valued at NT$330 million (US$11.86 million). Most of the narcotics detected by sniffer

Lafayette animal shelter selling puppy-grams for Valentine’s Day

LAFAYETTE, Ind. —  You could call this puppy love. Loving Heart Animal Shelter is scheduling puppy-grams to the Greater Lafayette area now through Saturday. The puppy-grams will be delivered Feb. 11 through Feb. 14. Each Valentine’s Day-gram will have a rose, a small box of McCord Candies chocolate and a card delivered by one of Loving Heart Animal Shelter’s

Winter allergies are on the rise and pandemic puppies could be the culprit

Spring and summer allergies take up a lot of airtime. As such, it’s easier to pin down exactly which pollen is the enemy, be it grass, tree or ragweed. Since it seems like everyone stops paying attention in the winter, it’s harder to identify the cause. Why am I sniffling when nothing’s in bloom? “In

USPCA condemn ‘horrible’ puppy farms as neglected mother dog left to die

A Northern Irish animal welfare charity organisation is calling for stricter sanctions for illegal breeders after a suspected puppy farm dog had to be put down after being abused and abandoned. he Ulster Society for the Prevention Cruelty to Animals (USPCA) took to social media today to share some photos of the distressed dog, found

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