Day: February 28, 2022

Visiting Vet: It wasn’t an easy birth

All I remember is she was a very big dog. A Great Pyrenees or Saint Bernard. It was back in the day when we almost never referred patients to specialists, and when I still did major surgery. The dog in question, let’s call her Mother Hubbard, was experiencing dystocia — difficulty giving birth. Dystocia can

US Senator says Putin was “able to lead Trump like a puppy dog”

Soon after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered nuclear deterrent forces on alert, a US senator said Putin isn’t the genius Trump claimed he was. Senator Patrick Leahy appeared on NBC to discuss the Russian invasion and said Putin had “miscalculated the United States” because “he was able to lead Donald Trump around like a puppy

How can pet food industry cope with supply chain gridlock?

Many of us can empathize with a recent article headline in FreightWaves: “New Year, same supply chain mess.” Indeed, few industries—and certainly not the pet food industry—are immune from the supply chain disruptions that are plaguing the U.S. and many other countries. Brief recap: ‘Perfect storm’ of supply chain issues There are worldwide shortages and

The reality of lockdown puppies – Emily Adcock, Colchester Sixth Form College

In March 2020, the world suddenly changed. Confined to our homes, many families saw this as the perfect time to welcome a new addition to the household: a furry friend. My family, much like many across the nation, realised that with everyone at home, there would be no better time to get a dog than

Neighbour kicks puppy in front of kids like a “penalty kick”

A mother-of-three has shared how her neighbour used a sporting technique to boot her dog as her children screamed in horror. A mum-of-three has told how her neighbour kicked her puppy in front of her disabled twins – leaving them traumatised.Jessica Evans, 36, said neighbour Jade Hughes “took two steps forward” before booting the dog

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