Day: March 1, 2022

Fire on E 51st Street displaces 2 residents, 2 pets

Savannah city leaders address recent string of violent … 14 mins ago Fire on E 51st Street displaces 2 residents, 2 pets 16 mins ago Fire on E 51st Street displaces 2 residents, 2 pets 17 mins ago Savannah revises demolition policy to better protect … 1 hour ago Rep. Buddy Carter calls on Biden to hit reset button …

SQSPCA finds surprise trio of puppies as husky is about to get spayed | Community

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. – A female husky rescued by the Susquehanna SPCA was on the operating table ready to be spayed when the medical team found a surprise – a trio of puppies ready to be born. According to Executive Director Stacie Haynes, Candy the husky came from a puppy mill in Ohio where she was

Doggie daycare helps pooches adjust to owner’s new office routines

Four small dogs stand in a group while a Beagle jumps at the camera.

After struggling through lockdowns, doggie daycare businesses are booming as many pet owners begin returning to the office. Key points: Dog daycare businesses say they are booming as people return to work in the office Pets are struggling with the change of household routine Many puppies bought during the pandemic missed out on important socialisation skills

Front Street Animal Shelter looking for people to foster pets

Political experts preview Biden’s State of the Union … 2 hours ago Workers’ rights advocate talks EDD settlement 2 hours ago WEAVE CEO talks domestic abuse survival 3 hours ago Police: Man killed in shooting near Sacramento Executive … 3 hours ago Sheriff: Father kills his 3 daughters, man during … 4 hours ago Shots fired at off-duty

Katie Price’s pets past and present as she welcomes new puppy Captain

As Katie Price welcomes new pooch Captain to the family, we take a look back at the furry friends Katie has adopted Katie Price has had a whole host of pets over the years – cats, dogs, horses, chameleons – the list goes on! And just last week she showed the world her latest canine

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