Day: March 31, 2022

Detroit man to restart dog rescue that trains pets for veterans with PTSD

Detroit man restarting his Canine Companion nonprofit for veterans with PTSD For about a decade his team trained therapy dogs for senior citizens, law enfrocement, and veterans. But, it’s tough running a nonprofit, they eventually had to close in Detroit. DETROIT (FOX 2) – Walter Hart Jr. is looking to connect local vets with a

Pets are exposed to toxic chemicals in our homes •

We all love to have our pets close to us, in our homes and on our laps. Sadly, it seems that our dogs and cats are being exposed to harmful organic chemicals in the home environment and that these chemicals are also being left in their feces and urine. If they are being affected in

1-year-old Pitbull violently tossed into dumpster finds new home in Holtsville, Long Island

PECONIC, Long Island (WABC) — A puppy violently tossed into a dumpster in Georgia and then housed at a kill shelter for seven months is finding a new home on Long Island. The 1-year-old Pitbull, who has been named Justice, arrived at the North Fork Animal Welfare League two weeks ago. “I heard about his

Aromatic amines in pets’ stool could be a sign of health issues for humans

Dogs and cats may be exposed in their homes to a potentially toxic group of chemicals, with their discovery in the pets’ stool being a sign of health issues for humans living with them, a new study shows. Called aromatic amines, the chemicals -; found in tobacco smoke and in dyes used in cosmetics, textiles,

Pet Ownership Facts and Statistics in 2022

Recent pet ownership statistics show that one in five U.S. households invited a new cat or dog into their home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Around 23 million people added a furry family member during this time and most have full intention of continuing to care for the pet. But being a pet owner involves more

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