Day: April 1, 2022

Senior Lab-mix, tabby cat ready for spring break

We know April showers bring May flowers…but does that include snow showers? While this recent jolt of winter weather was an unwelcome surprise, it feels like spring is in the air once again. And that also means that love is in the air! …Or is it pollen? No, that’s definitely love floating in the breeze

Annan illegal puppy dealer and his pal jailed for brutally attacking man angry at treatment of dogs

An illegal puppy seller and a friend have been jailed after they brutally attacked a man angry at his treatment of dogs. Marco Tondo, 34, teamed up with Danny Davidson, 26, to pounce on Daley Halbert, who was left with more than a dozen fractures. Graphic CCTV footage showed the thug pair tail the 36

Honda Will Be the First to Launch a Range of Pet Co-Pilot Front Seats – autoevolution

Honda Will Be the First to Launch a Range of Pet Co-Pilot Front Seats  autoevolution Source link

120 Pet-Thieves That Were Caught Red-Pawed When Stealing Food (New Pics)

Let’s be honest — we love it when our beloved pets surprise us with their bizarre shenanigans. Whether it’s cats squeezing into the smallest places, dogs sleep-barking and twitching, or mice spinning their wheel like it’s no tomorrow — we can’t help but laugh and grab our phones hoping to snap a quick photo. However,

Pets & Pickers –

Pets & Pickers Source link

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