Day: April 7, 2022

Homeless teen surrenders dog to MS animal shelter

SENATOBIA, Miss.– The story of a puppy surrendered to a Mississippi animal shelter two days ago by a teenager who said he could no longer care for her because he is homeless has touched hearts across the nation. Kris Robinson, Interim Shelter Director at the Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter, would soon learn the young man

Tackling pet fur and other pet issues

“Would you please stop shedding?” I beg Luke, our 55-pound hound mix. “Please keep your prodigious fur to yourself.” Luke and I have this conversation often, as I deal daily with the puffy apricot fur balls that billow around the house, gathering under chairs and in corners. As I plead, he looks at me soulfully

28 pets removed from home on the south side

INDIANAPOLIS — IACS is now caring for 18 dogs and 10 cats after removing the animals from a home on the southside of Indy. The home along Epler Ave is a former church many neighbors said they used to go to. Now weeds are growing in the flower beds and blinds are drawn on the

Spring tick dangers; ways to keep your family and pets safe

BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) – Spring has more in the Ozarks heading outdoors, increasing the chance of tick bites or tick-borne illnesses. Taney County health leaders say if you see a tick on you, you need to remove it immediately. CoxHealth Branson Nurse Jana Watkins says you also need to keep an eye on the area

Yelps of delight for rescued puppies

Four puppies who looked at death’s door when found dumped in garbage last month appear to have landed on their paws after being rescued. Three of the pups have been restored to good health and should soon been settled in adoption homes, while the fourth is on the same track. The Society for

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