Day: April 9, 2022

Unwanted exotic pets surrendered for adoption | News

MONONA (WKOW) — Wisconsinites with unwanted exotic pets were able to surrender them at Aldo Leopold Nature Center in Monona Saturday — no questions asked. The organization collected everything from lizards to sugar gliders. They even collected a flying squirrel. John Moyles, director of J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue, said the goal was to prevent un-wanted

maidan: 100 Stray Puppies And Kittens Up For Adoption | Kochi News

Kochi: Around 100 stray pups and kittens are up for adoption at Rajendra Maidan on Sunday. The pet adoption drive being organized by the stray animal protection group Oneness in association with Kochi corporation, will witness around 37 people coming with the stray animals in their possession to put up for adoption.This is the first

Animal Tracks: Shelter has pets in need of homes | Local News

There are lots of dogs and cats at the Dothan Animal Shelter in need of good homes. To find out more about these or other animals, call the shelter at 334-615-4620. Ask about sponsorships, volunteer opportunities and the shelter’s ongoing wish list. Save-A-Pet helps find homes for animals at the Dothan Animal Shelter and can

What would you pay to have your beloved pet cloned? – The Canberra Times

What would you pay to have your beloved pet cloned?  The Canberra Times Source link

Boston man accused of beating a puppy, another of strangling a dog, DA says

Authorities Friday detailed two cases of alleged animal abuse in Boston in recent weeks: one of a man accused of beating a puppy, another of an individual who prosecutors say strangled a dog. Zodus Hollis is accused of beating the puppy earlier this year and was arraigned this month on animal cruelty charges, while Justin

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