Day: April 11, 2022

Dog owners issued ‘superbug’ health warning over letting their pets lick their face

Experts have said you should never allow your dog to kiss your face amid a “superbug” warning. Pets who lick themselves, particularly their behinds, could then smear superbugs hidden in faeces across their owners faces when they show affection. UK and Portuguese researchers led a study of pets and owners by genetically testing faeces from 100

Kitten & Puppy Division Adoption Center looking for donations after rescuing 11 dogs in Pulaski County

ST ROBERT, Mo. (KY3) – Authorities rescued 11 emaciated dogs from a home in Pulaski County. They brought them to the Kitten & Puppy Division Adoption Center. The dogs need a lot of care due to their condition. The dogs were found at a home in Pulaski County. The owner surrendered to the Kitten &

Pet Travel Startup Avvinue Announces Beta Launch

Avvinue, pet travel, startup

Avvinue, which bills itself as the only self-service pet travel booking platform, announced its beta launch on Monday (April 11), which was also National Pet Day. The company said its platform, now open for the public to test, helps travelers search and purchase flights on more than 500 pet-friendly airlines, offering transit with pets in-cabin,

Google releases the hounds upon online pet scammers on National Pets Day


We know it’s hard to resist those ears, but go to an adoption center You might think it should be relatively easy to avoid falling for scams online — just double check the royal credentials on all those Nigerian princes, right? And while none of us like to think we could be a victim, the

Lap of Love in-home pet hospice care comes to Morgan County

Lap of Love offers various in-home and aftercare services, with the most popular being in-home hospice care and humane in-home euthanasia. MORGAN COUNTY, Ga. — Animal lovers in Morgan County and the surrounding area just got a new service that will make saying goodbye to their furry friends a little bit easier. Lap of Love

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