Day: April 13, 2022

Puppy scam: Americans desperate for a canine companion paid for imaginary pups | Pets

The pandemic sent Americans’ demand for pets soaring as a growing number of people sought out a canine companion. Now, Google is going after an alleged fraudster for running a fake puppy scam that exploited people’s desire for “personal gain”. In the new lawsuit, filed on Monday, the company accused the Cameroon-based defendant of using

Golden Paws Assistance Dogs gets a new puppy to train

COLLIER COUNTY A new puppy is training hard to help veterans and children in need. Lawrence is a lab pup from Ocala that was picked up on Wednesday by a volunteer for Golden Paws Assistance Dogs. “I was asked to fly up to pick up one of our new Cadet puppies,” said Rick Mellon.

Why severe weather is so stressful on pets

ST. LOUIS – It’s the time of year when bad weather moves into the Gateway City and fills our four-legged friends with anxiety. “Dogs have superior hearing. “They can sense changes in barometric pressures. So, that’s why they might be more sensitive to thunderstorms,” said Dr. Keri Morgan, a veterinarian at Stray Rescue. “An interesting

The Bad Guys’ Marc Maron Talks DC League of Super-Pets

In DreamWorks’ “The Bad Guys,” Marc Maron voices Mr. Snake, the second-in-command of a group of criminal animals attempting to pull off a major heist. However, Maron admitted to Variety at the film’s premiere on Tuesday in Los Angeles that he doesn’t like animated movies. “I’m not a big animated movie guy, my sense of animation

Discount Pet Supplies That Are Just as Good as the Over-Priced Alternatives

You may feel like you won the lottery having your fur baby in your life, but your checking account probably doesn’t reflect the sentiment. In fact, one recent survey revealed that one in five pet owners have actually gone into debt to pay for their pets, and for 21 percent of them, the debt is

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