Day: May 8, 2022

🌱 Local ‘Pets For Hire” + Saint-Gobain Safe Drinking Water Plan

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Hello, Bedford! Let’s started today with everything you need to know going on today in town. First, today’s weather: Mostly sunny. High: 63 Low: 42. Shoutout to our premier local sponsors: Are you looking to buy or sell a luxury property in the Bedford area? Marianna Vis of Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty has over

Japanese Pet Owners Spend More on Dogs and Cats in 2021

Japan Data Lifestyle Family May 9, 2022 A survey of Japanese pet owners found that around 40% spent ¥100,000 or more on their dogs and cats in 2021. A survey in Japan conducted by ipet Insurance targeted 1,018 dog and cat owners, asking them about their annual expenditure on their pets in 2021. The most

Should you exercise your dog on a treadmill? Here’s what veterinarians say

If you’re a dog owner on TikTok, there’s a decent chance you’ve stumbled across a video of a pooch confidently strutting on a treadmill like a model jetting down a runway. The search phrase “dog walker treadmill” has amassed more than 1 billion views on the site. But is it actually safe or acceptable to

This cute puppy brings a ‘peace offering’ to her sister. Watch | Trending

Pet parents are always on their toes to capture sweet gestures and tricks of their dogs. Arrival of a new family member can be difficult for fur babies who are used to all the attention from their human parents. A new puppy tends to steal the thunder of a pampered, only child. In this hilarious

Organization Helps Pets Find New Family After Their Owners Pass Away

Two dogs on dog bed

Instead of ending up in a shelter, Furever We Love dog rescue located at 6110 W. 25th St., near Crawfordsville Road, helps find new loving homes for dogs who outlive their owners! Source: WTHR/Youtube This 10-year-old beagle named Baby is getting adjusted in her new foster home after Furever We Love adopted her when her

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