Author: Demir D.

Not every dog wants to be your BFF

With the Mumbai police dog, a Belgian Malinois, biting his new handler last week, could it have been more than his genetic disposition? While some dogs are genetically guarded, sometimes, we inadvertantly teach them aggression Meenakshi Bhanj Deo and Vikram Mittal exposed Tara to as many people, places, sights and sounds as possible by taking

17 puppies placed in homes following Puppy Parvo ICU flood at APA!, 15 puppies still in need

AUSTIN, Texas – The Puppy Parvo ICU of Austin Pets Alive! flooded with sewage water Saturday afternoon, prompting the shelter to put out an urgent call for fosters and adopters.  APA! needed to move out the puppies who were testing negative for parvo. Meanwhile, the care team had to relocate puppies currently receiving life-saving treatment

It houses 37 foster dogs

Along with countless students, professors, and a director, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Indore houses 37 foster dogs! The faculty and students found several feral dogs scurrying about and playing with them when they moved from one classroom to another within the premises. To help the four-legged inhabitants find a place of their

Feature: Hanging with puppy friends in Cairo’s new “dog cafe”

CAIRO, May 21 (Xinhua) — Humans and dogs were seen in a new coffee shop in the Egyptian capital Cairo, with dog owners drinking their tea and coffee, and their puppy friends enjoying their meals and treats. The newly-opened dog cafe is believed to be the first specialized one in Cairo, where there are few

Legislation must be improved so that seized puppies can be rehomed

MANY PEOPLE WILL be familiar with the news reports of puppies being seized at the ports. No sooner has the news report gone up on social media, than the comments with offers of homes come flooding in. What most people will not be aware of, however, is that those puppies might have to wait 18

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