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Pedigree chums? Dogs in the office prove divisive

Before the pandemic, Becky didn’t expect to bring her dog to the office. But lockdown changed her view. While it allowed Becky (not her real name) to see “the tremendous mental health benefits” of having a pet around while working, the surge in pandemic puppies also increased competition for canine day-care: returning to the office

A Toronto lets the Universe decide the rescue pup they take home

Over the years, my wife, Gina, and I have owned and dearly loved several dogs. Sometimes our little North Toronto bungalow has been home to just one, but we’ve always believed that two is twice as good. So for a while, we had been talking about getting a companion for our four year-old Chihuahua, Enzo.

Can Dogs Get Colds? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Zivica KerkezGetty Images Our furry friends often sneeze and sniffle, but can dogs catch the same common cold virus as humans? According to the Animal Trust, it is rare for dogs to catch the same influenza virus as humans, with pups more likely to get the canine parainfluenza virus instead. The airborne disease, spread by

Dogs Seek Human Help When They Are Helpless, Proves Study

Researchers have discovered that dogs run back to their owners when they get stuck during a difficult situation. Unsplash Also Read: Dogs Adopted In Pandemic Feel Stressed When Owners Leave Them Alone At Home This is according to research led by Aix-Marseille University, where they experimented with 51 dogs to see how they reacted when a

Swelling and lump concern in dog that just gave birth

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about our Labrador Daisy giving birth to nine beautiful puppies. Daisy has been a wonderful mum and the puppies are growing well, their eyes are open, and they are starting to play. However, life is never simple, and so it was that last week I noticed that Daisy

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