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Cavoodle Puppies for Sale Melbourne

Cavoodle puppies for sale Melbourne The Breed Is Right For You Before adopting a puppy, it is very important to identify a breed that may be suitable for you, your family, and your lifestyle. Different dog breeds have different needs and different character traits in areas such as health, exercise, temperament, living conditions. In this

Australian Sheep Dogs (Shepherds) Breed Information

Australian Sheep Dogs

Australian Sheep Dogs, also called Shepherds, are a breed originally bred for sheep herding. They’re still put to work on ranches all around the world these days and they’re also beloved companion dogs who are among the most popular breeds in Australia. They are known as loyal, loving companions. This dog is of medium size and bone.

Crate Train Your Cavoodle Puppy!

  A Cavoodle (also called a Cavapoo or Cavadoodle), as you already probably know by now, is a mixed breed between a poodle (miniature or toy) and the Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel. It is considered to be the most popular designer dog breed in Australia. If you’re thinking about getting a Cavoodle or if you’re

What Do Cavoodle Puppies Eat?

    Puppies are mostly carnivores but they also eat some plant-based food. The following information is general advice and applies to Cavoodle puppies as well. However, each dog is an individual so it is wise to seek veterinary advice and determine if your puppy has any special dietary needs or has a reaction to

Is the Price of a Cavoodle Puppy Worth It?

A Cavoodle is a mix between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It is considered a designer breed. Due to this, they tend to fetch a much higher price than other dogs. A Cavoodle costs anywhere from $2500 to $5000 AUD, depending on the breeder. That’s a lot of money for a smaller

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