Crate Train Your Cavoodle Puppy!


A Cavoodle (also called a Cavapoo or Cavadoodle), as you already probably know by now, is a mixed breed between a poodle (miniature or toy) and the Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel. It is considered to be the most popular designer dog breed in Australia. If you’re thinking about getting a Cavoodle or if you’re simply interested in learning more about this breed check out the many articles on this site. We are glad to provide you with everything you need to know about the Cavoodle.

Cavoodle puppies are known for being always so eager to please, so you’ll soon find out that your Cavoodle is a highly trainable and obedient dog. They can learn basic commands relatively quickly, and as we talked about in another article it is also possible to teach them fun party tricks and selective games. Especially if you start while they’re still very young.

The main rule in training a Cavoodle is to be determined and positive. You should match their excitement by admiring each success with great eagerness as well as by gifting them their favorite treats. Make sure to keep your training sessions entertaining, and frequent. Short sessions are preferable to long ones. Repetition of these sessions are your best bet in training your puppy.

One of the most convenient skills you can teach your Cavoodle puppy can is to enjoy time spent in a crate. Yes, we know that some people may find this kind of training cruel. However, a dog has a natural instinct to seek out small and enclosed areas. They in fact prefer it.  When properly trained, these crates will become a safe haven for your Cavoodle during stressful situations.  Crate training is not only essential for your convenience, but also for your puppy’s safety as well (such as during long car rides).  In addition to this, this is also a fantastic tool for potty training because dogs instinctively refuse to relieve themselves in confined living quarters.

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What to Feed a Cavoodle Puppy

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How Do I Crate Train My Cavoodle Then?

You must, of course, obtain an appropriately sized crate first. This crate needs to be large enough so that your puppy can stand and be able to turn around comfortably. If you are planning to keep the crate throughout your Cavoodle’s lifetime you need to be sure to purchase one large enough to accommodate his expected adult size.

When training your puppy you must make sure to always associate the crate with positive experiences. Approach the training gradually. First, introduce your puppy to his crate. While the crate door is open, bring the puppy near the enclosure and talk to your Cavoodle in a positive tone.  This will help create positive associations in your dog’s mind.  Next, encourage your puppy to enter the crate by placing food or treats inside. Note that this step may take a few minutes or even a few days as it depends on your puppy’s personality. Never try to force your puppy to get inside and continue to encourage him with treats or toys. Your puppy will walk in on his own eventually and at this point you should reward it with positive praise. After your puppy becomes comfortable walking in and out of the crate, begin feeding meals inside the crate but keep the door open.  Continue doing this until it is comfortable having its dinner with the crate door closed. 

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Teaching Your Puppy to Follow Your Commands

Once your Cavoodle puppy is comfortable with 10 minute crated durations, it’s time to teach it to follow your command for entering the crate. First, call him to the crate and place a treat inside. Then, use a command such as “crate”. When it enters the crate, give another treat and praise your puppy. Finally, close the door. Sit quietly near the crate at first, and leave your puppy crated for intervals of 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat this process but gradually start spending more time in another room.  Continue to do so until your puppy can spend 30 minutes in the crate alone. 

The next step is to crate your Cavoodle puppy while you are away from home. This must be done for short periods of time. Be careful never to crate your Cavoodle for more than 3 or 4 hours because a young puppy cannot control its bladder or bowels for such a long time. When you return home give plenty of positive praise to your puppy and continue crating it for short periods of time while you are home to ensure it does not start associating the crate with being alone.

The biggest challenge here is to always maintain the crate as a positive area. It may be tempting to punish your puppy by crating it but this action will only serve to create a negative association. As with all puppy training, patience and positivity are key. The faster your Cavoodle puppy starts to relate the crate with happiness and safety, the quicker it will start following your commands and readily enter the crate for extended periods of time!

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