How to Teach Your Cavoodle Puppy Tricks

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How to Teach Your Cavoodle Puppy TricksThe Cavoodle is a very smart dogbreed, and they love learning new things. These are some of the tricks you can teach them.

You Can Also Teach Them to Sit on Your Command

Sit is probably the easiest trick to teach your Cavoodle. Many people in fact usually start by training their dog to sit. This trick is important for many other behavioural tricks as well because teaching your Cavoodle puppy how to sit can act as an important base for other, more complex tricks.

You need to start by rewarding your dog when it sits. Then you must introduce the verbal command. This gets it used to hearing the command, and it will recognize that “Sit” means a receiving a treat. After your dog gets used to it you may remove the treat, but you must always use positive reinforcement. Otherwise your dog won’t follow your command.

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Teach Them How to Shake Hands!

This is one of the easiest tricks that you can teach a Cavoodle. This is due to the fact that reaching out with their paws is a natural reaction fort hem. You simply need to encourage your puppy to do this by associating with you reaching out your hand. You need to start by holding out your hand with the palm up and keep your hand around knee level to your puppy. And then you need to wait.

The Cavoodle will start to sniff and probably lick your hand. The longer you wait, the more likely that it will extend its paw. Once it lifts its paw, you tell the puppy that it is a good dog and give it a treat. It won’t take very long for your Cavoodle puppy to figure out that each time it lifts its paw and places it in your hand, it will receive a treat. So, you need to add a verbal command as well. You could say “Handshake” for instance, as you put your hand out. Your puppy will see your hand and respond to your verbal cue, and then place its paw in your hand in order to receive a treat.

Toilet Training is Also Important

Cavoodles are quite easy to toilet train. They are very smart dogs and are eager to please their new families. You really need to be aware of the signs that your new Cavoodle puppy will give you when it needs to relieve itself. Your puppy will usually start smelling the ground, go around in circles numerous times or stand right at the door. At this point you must immediately take your Cavoodle outside to go to the toilet and give your it plenty of praise when it is done. This encourages your puppy to go to the toilet outside. 

For night times or when you are not present at home, it is wise to to train your puppy to use a potty tray inside the house. This method includes the use of a fairly shallow tray with fake grass on top. Any urine goes through this grass matting into the tray and is kept quite dry, so the puppy can use it again. Note that the tray will need cleaning at least twice daily. You can get these trays from most pet shops. Puppy pads can also be used. But you must be careful as these pads have a plastic lining on the back. Puppies may chew this and swallow some of the plastic pieces, which will then cause internal complications for your Cavoodle. Your Cavoodle puppy will usually want to go to the toilet within 5 minutes of waking up, after playtime and after a meal. So do note their Schedule.s

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